Low carbohydrate, low fat diet and obesity, diabetes

A passionate but, most importantly, scientifically sound presentation on the bad advice to which the American public has been victim for the last 30 years. As some have put it, we have been the subjects of the largest non-randomized uncontrolled trial ever put forth. And the results are not positive.

For more see here and here.

The Singularity is further than it appears

This was a very interesting series of posts by Ramez Naam, author of the novel Nexus.

The Singularity Is Further Than It Appears

Why AIs Won’t Ascend in the Blink of an Eye – Some Math

Can We Merge Minds and Machines?

How many cells are in the human body?


This is not a trivial question.

Bureaucratic Frustration

One physician’s creative response to bureaucratic frustration

I love this. People don’t realize that insurance companies increase the cost of healthcare by millions, if not billions of dollars each year by forcing physicians or their office staff to waste countless hours on hold.

What if the rest of the alien universe was terrified of humans?

What if the rest of the alien universe was terrified of humans?

In almost every sci-fi movie worth re-watching, it seems that us humans are always less technologically advanced, dumber and only serve as a mere speed bump into an alien race eliminating humans to take over our planet and suck Earth dry of its resources. We’re always the weaker ones in alien wars. Well, what if we’re not? Tom Scott imagined a scenario where everyone else in the universe was afraid of humans. It’s fantastic.