Brain-like computers

At NextBigFuture: Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computers

Also recently at The Economist: The machine of a new soul

Digital computers do certain types of things extremely efficiently, such as storing exact numerical data losslessly and performing predefined mathematical operations rapidly. On the other hand, many tasks that involve low signal-to-noise, incomplete data sets, and real-time data streams can be done much more efficiently by analogue or neuromorphic computers. It will be interesting to see what some of these projects bring…


Awesome short story

Eliezer Yudkowsky has done some great work in the areas of probability theory, decision theory, and artificial intelligence. (Those are important topics for the coming decades as computers become more powerful, so dig in if you’re interested.) I found recently that he has written an especially clever and well-thought-out short story called Three Worlds Collide. This is probably the best portrayal of mankind making first contact with another intelligent race that I’ve ever encountered. He gives it away for free, so check it out!